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SciVation PSYCHO is an advanced 3 stage pre workout blend created for hard training physique minded athletes who desire finely tuned mind to muscle connection and full delivery of muscle building components for maximum growth and training intensity.

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Overall: 6/10 I thought this was a pretty decent offering at first. I didn't feel the 'rage' it promotes so highly (lets face it, we are all looking for the next 'craze'). My workout was ok, but nothing to rave about. Also marking down due to the price. 3 scoops per workout which lets face it, most of us will be doing these days, works out at over $4 per workout. OUCH.
Brief Overview At first glimpse this product looks to be marketed very well as you see from the graph.. 1 Scoops you're getting started, 2 Getting aggressive and 3 Going Psycho.. Based on this It was a no brainer to give some of this a crack.. I was hitting legs this morning which I usually only use ritual as it's the only thing grunty enough to help me through. How this stacked up? Strength wise, I took three scoops (300MG Caffeine) as I didn't want to take to little and wanted to see how good this actually was.. Took it on a empty stomach and I wasn't feeling a huge hit at all.. But as I arrived to the gym it kicked in a little bit more and the workout was "Decent" pretty decent feeling. Definitely not in rituals league strength wise.. As expected as it's probably a weaker dendrobium variant and has no phenylethylamine. But it's actually decent as I had no crash with clean mild energy, but you can't market this as a grunter at all.. Which leaves me a little bit confused on their marketing?? From the go psycho aspect as I take that as it's "STRONG" Marketing. as ritual comes closer to a 10.. Which I'm sorry for drawing the comparison I just have to.. Simply because this is marketed as a strong pre-workout. (well you could argue it doesn't) but from my prospective it does. However ignoring any marketing and basing this on performance alone I was going to give it a 7.. But at the end of the workout I'd probably say 8.. Pretty decent product.. I'd actually use this as good change up from my current stacks as it's still a good product.