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Out Break Nutrition Refuge Recovery & Sleep Formula Review

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Outbreak Refuge is a complete sleep product formulated with post-apocalyptic survivors in mind. It is designed to enhance recovery, no matter how drained you feel. Combining strong, sleep inducing ingredients that will help you get to sleep and keep you that way until you’re fully rested and recovered, Outbreak Refuge is the key to staying sharp and alert. Outbreak Refuge contains cortisol reducing adaptogens and stress-relieving ingredients that will help you relax after yet another day of brutal survival.

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I don't really spend my time/effort on reviews. I don't really care. Good or bad. However for this one I have decided that I'd do it. I've tried numerous sleep products and supplements over the last few years, and none have really made a difference. Super stacking one product with another, multiple serves etc. This is the first off-the-shelf product that I can actually say has made a difference. Consuming with 150 ml of water, 30-60 minutes before bed, usually sees lights out soon after. (Be careful with drinking too much liquid before bed though) Ingredients certainly help with relaxing the body, and maybe even relaxing the mind, however I think just knowing that I'll get a decent sleep because of this has made a difference in itself. Tossing and turning, stressing about trying to get to sleep...all of that, just, gone.