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Muscletech Phase 8 Protein Review

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Muscletech PHASE8 provides 8 hours of muscle food.

Muscletech PHASE8 releases amino acids into the bloodstream for 8 hours after consuming. Due to these sustained release protein properties it’s regarded as a highly anabolic, muscle preserving protein formula that creates a greater muscle building environment.

Muscletech Phase8 contains 6 high quality milk derived protein sources that are designed to digest at different rates, providing the perfect environment for repair & recovery of muscle tissue, and contains less carbs & fats.

User Reviews

Not going to make this long or go on and on about the formula! Straight to the important stuff! Taste = amazing! Texture = amazing! thick but yet smooth and runny? it's very different! Mixes 100% in water no clumps! Stirs into cooked oats 100% with again, no clumps! My new boss protein~ will continue to use this now over all others.
Consistency: 10/10 Mixed up in my xplosiv shaker in about 4 seconds, no residue left over. Taste: 10/10 Strawberry: Gotta admit when I got this one, I actually thought it was Vanilla (didnt see the tub and the powder was hard to distinguish in the room I was mixing it in). Milk Chocolate: True to the description, it is milk chocolate flavoured, the standout being how rich it is. VERY large flavour. Love it, though this was based on 1 scoop, often I used 2 scoops which might be an overload in this case. Regardless, it was easily one of the best tasting powders I've tried, and that's against myofusion elite and Cellucor Cor-performance. It also had an amazing texture - almost like a thick, silky feel. Hard to explain. Formula: 8/10 At a glance 7 grams of carb is quite hefty against most other proteins out there which average 4 or 5g, yet only 1g is actually sugar. Not sure how much room this leaves for sugar alcohols and things? However 26g protein is very decent. Overall: 9/10 • Build Muscle • 8 Hours of Muscle Food • Less Carbs & Fats • 6 Blends of Protein • Promote Muscle Recovery • Multi Phase Protein Delivery • Prevent Muscle Breakdown • Digestive Enzymes • Milk Derived Protein Blends That's the blurb from the profile, and tbh, kinda feel like I've seen it all before, but hell, it's one of the tastier brands of protein, and the digestive enzymes are a good bonus. It's a little more pricey than most of the whey's out there so not sure if I'd rush out to purchase given fincances (I usually stick to xplosiv's HyperWhey) but the taste and texture are extraordinary.
Probably the best tasting chocolate protein I've tried, the main key factor of phase 8 protein is the texture profile, it's almost unreal how good it is.. Apparently Strawberry and vanilla are meant to be the best flavors and I tried chocolate.. I can't understand how the taste could be much better though, simply outstanding!