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Muscle Fullness Response Powder!
Featuring A Professional Grade “Pump” Matrix!*

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Okay so to be straight up I wasn't expecting anything from these products I.E dat dere BPI sausage tree ingredient profile, the only thing it had going for it was the insanely cheap pricing $49.00 for two products is pretty unbeatable.

So I thought Why not?? Might as well give this ago as lets remember the odd BPI product has been decent I.E go back to the days of the A-HD during a cut I noticed massive dryness and can happily say it helped.

Ingredient Profile

Glycerol, Yup.. I quite like this ingredient in pump products.. Can't find an exact quote, but I know its used for NO.. and it seems to work well for me..

Acteyl L Carnitine & Red sage is in the product according to the write up because of  Red Sage and its constituents for their effect on circulation and Acetyl-L-Carnitine for its ability to affect cellular energy metabolism.*†

African Palmyra Palm (Young Shoot) – Little is known about this plant native to Africa. The Asian version has fruit which is said to assist with hydration and helping with serum blood glucose levels.


Hard to say because I mixed it with Jekyl.. But the fruit punch wasn't bad..


Once again, I'm really surprised.. I stacked 1 scoop of vein with 1.5 scoops of Jekyl which I don't usually get much of any of a feel good mood focus from jekyl but when I included vien I felt amazing.. Not to mention the nitric oxide effect was better.

Will be keen to use this again, as I had a really good workout.

At the moment I'd say 8/10 as I've only tried it once, I'll have to try it multiple times to see how good this is long term