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Shaping Protein for Women. For a slim and toned body. Horleys Sculpt Protein Powder is a high protein / low carbohydrate shaping formula specially designed for women who are looking to increase lean muscle mass while burning body fat.

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This was the very first protein i ever tried......i m glad they didint all taste like this , if you were using this as a meal replacement it would be so hard to stick to , the flavoring the blend itself , i always say ladies just look for any lean low carb low calorie shake it works out better value!!and more than often they taste a hundred times better , i always say look at each shake as a meal and work it out for dollar value, excellent one to look as its giant sports delicious : ) mixes well taste amazing and can be used in baking : ) sculpt is just so thin and you would feel yourself still hungry after keeping it hard to stick to the meal plan
Not a fan at all. Mixes badly, clumpy. Taste although nice at first but leaves a bad after taste, taste is quite sugary, feels loaded with chemicals. Ingredients wise id prefer to eat a protein bar. Would only recommend to someone who was looking to use as a meal replacement or cleanish snack.
Great for keeping my hunger at bay, I used it as a meal replacement for breakfast when I was running late for work. I also found I wasn't snacking as much when I had it that morning.