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Horleys 100% Whey Review

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Everyone benefits from a regular protein intake and those involved in moderate to high intensity exercise may have increased protein requirements. Whey protein concentrates are recognised as a naturally complete, superior source of easily digested protein and highly bioavailable essential amino acids.

100%Whey – 100% of the protein content in this product is from whey

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I love this protein. It was the first protein I ever bought. It don't feel as if it helped me with achieving my true potential though. Great taste though too. And cheap. Taste - 10/10 Consistency - 7/10 Formula - 7/10 Overall score - 7/10
Taste - 6/10 Consistency - 8/10 Formula - 8/10 Overall score - 7/10 I liked this product although taste could be a bit richer. I always blended with a banana, but if you take the product by itself with water/milk it can be quite bland. Wish it came in a bigger size too.
Taste - 8/10 Consistency - 7/10 Formula - 6/10 Overall score - 8/10 The thing I like most about this is that it's great for a beginner, it's a decent price and it does the job. I'm sure there's better proteins out there but for starters I quite liked this one. The taste isn't bad either.
Personally not something I would buy as I would buy a bigger tub etc...However if you are getting into the gym scene or just after something to supplement your protein intake this could be your cup of tea. This has a good simple profile and is not to badly priced. Taste is good. Thanks Xplosiv for the sample. LEGEND!
Taste (chocolate)was a let down I'm afraid, was quite watery and almost bland. Mixed up easy, no residue Low carb is all good and well, but 20g protein per serve? Easily the lowest I've ever tried, average being 23-25g. Overall: 4/10 Just working this out: 13 serves for $28.. that's for the small tub. Probably cheaper the more you buy. Either way, the smaller serve size of 26g means less macros (which is probably why the carb looks lower too.) Not really impressed :/
Why a 9/10 you may ask? The reason I rank this product so high as it covers all the basics for a small cheap value for money whey protein.. At 75.6% Protein, it really is quite good for a small entry level option.. Not to mention it tastes pretty good for 100% whey and mixes fine : )