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Gaspari L-Glutamine Review

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Gaspari Nutrition Glutamine is a micronized pharmaceutical grade l-glutamine formula that plays a key role in muscle growth, recovery & immune system support.

L-Glutamine has become an important addition to many athletes supplement regime, as it is a valuable amino acid that supports optimum muscle growth, recovery, immune system & endurance.

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BLends extremely doesn't even need to be blended or shaken, Disperces easily
Nothing fancy- just straight up 100% glutamine. Ever-so-slight sweet to zero taste as you should expect with pure glutamine powders. Use to rely heavier on glutamine 2-3 years ago for the gut health, GH and recovery benefits demonstrated when used post workout and before bed. These days I use more specific and more powerful products like Resurrect for GH & recovery (and deep sleep) and Amino drinks during training to nail these goals more effectively.