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CytoSport Complete Whey Review

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Cytosport Complete Whey Protein Powder is a very high quality whey concentrate powder providing a large concentration of bcaa’s, without the fat, sugar or carbohydrates, making this formula the perfect companion to building quality lean muscle and accelerating the recovery of muscle tissue after intense training and workouts.

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Have been through a few tubs of Complete Whey in my time, I find myself often coming back to this because it is a good product at a good price. Mixes well, washes out easy (doesn't leave sticky crap in the shaker which to me is an indication of quality) and very decent amount of protein. Helps that it has a fairly simple ingredients list too. Main reason I haven't given it a higher rating is because I feel it is not consistent across the range of flavours I've tried. Have been through Cocoa Bean, Cookies
Taste 10/10 cocoa bean tastes perfect. Not artificial and not overly sweet. Mixability 10/10 mixes instantly. No clumps when mixed in a shaker cup. Very little effort needed. Price 10/10 73 serves per 5lb is great! Definitely one of the cheapest per serve on the market.
Only tried the vanilla, I like tbh.. not to sweet which is my favorite.. not to mention it's better value than most premium wheys.
Taste was fine, texture was great but left me a little empty, however 2.275kg for $96 is a bit on the steep side in comparison to others mentioned. If you really need to go for this ultimate mixability technology and fancy forking out the roonies, this is right up your alley.
Taste - 9/10 It has a pretty nice creamy chocolate taste, just like a chocolate shake, its not extremely sweet and would recommend it to people who prefer there whey not to sweet. if you have a sweet tooth like me, i wouldn't use more than 200mls of water or else it could be a little bland. Consistency - 9/10 Nice consistency, powder mixes up even in as little as 100mls of liquid easily, no clumps or powder after. Pretty creamy to drink, not to thick or thin. Formula - 7/10 Only 20g of protein per 28gram scoop, normally my preference is 22-25 but at 81 servs per 5lbs it isnt to bad , neither is 2g of fat and 3 of carbs. It also highlights that per scoop you are getting 3.4g of glutamine, 2.1g of L-Leucine, 1.2g of L-Iosleucine and 1.1g of 1.1g of L-Valine which they ensure are from complete proteins, so no signs of amino spiking in this product and you know you are getting 20g of protein from whey protein concentrate and whey protein hydrolysate. Overall score - 9/10 9 out of 10 for this product from me, it has a great taste, great consistency, just a little to little amount of protein per serving for me to mark it higher. However at 81 servs per 5lbs and a cheaper brand of whey generally around the $80-90 mark, its a great product for students or people alike.
Good protein per serve and plenty of serves in the 5lb container and can pick it up for a cheap price. Had the coca bean flavor and it was absolutely tasty, having it after every workout and every morning. Getting some decent results so far.
Cookies and cream flavor tasted soo good, and the protein actually helped me out a lot weather it was for a meal replacement or post workout shake etc
Easily mixed and would rate taste as one of the better ones for sure. I got some nice lean muscle gains from this protein and would recommend to all. 9/10