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BSC KOS Pre-Workout Review

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BSC KOS Pre-Workout is a scientifically formulated Pre-Workout to help you achieve the desired energy and strength at the gym.

BSC KOS Pre-Workout is 100% Banned substance free also so if you’re a drug tested athlete there is no need to worry!

User Reviews

Tried the Cola and loved it!! (considered mixing with rum forba night out!). Price wise, great value, I only use Pre once or twice a week so this lasts a long time. Formula, not crazy stimmed which I like as often have to train late and don't want to be awake in bed, has enough to get me going through the hour. Good antioxidants for recovery and creatine dose. I got good hit from Beta but have adapted to it so do spike my serve with an extra half teaspoon. NOS is just ok, I got a pump but nothin special. Overall good bang for buck, my 2nd fav Pre so far.