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Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Mass Review

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Arnold Schwarzenegger IRON MASS is a revolutionary all-in-one weight gainer that features muscle plasma protein technology to support hard dense muscle mass.

As an all in one weight gain formula this blend addresses every angle of muscle building. Iron Mass utilizes a 5 stage mass delivery system that is comprimised of protein, elite complex carbs, healthy fats, and a balanced digestive blend, plus its low in sugar and tastes delicious.

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Got given a few 7 serve bag samples of the chocolate malt flavour. I generally don't use mass gainers but this one was quite special I'd say. Perfect ratios of fats, carbs & protein. I normally use mass gainers as more of a meal replacement but don't like to use it too often due to them having too much carbs, but this one is different. Tastes great, mixes ok, also like the fact that it's beef protein, a good change from all the whey, milk, casein & egg proteins. My friends use it to make protein/bliss balls and they taste amazing!!