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ANS Performance Ritual Review

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Ritual Benefits

  • Amazing Rush of Energy, Focus & Strength
  • Skin-Splitting Muscle Pumps & Vascularity
  • Enhanced Endurance and Performance
  • Amplifies Workout Power Output
  • Maximum Absorption with AstraGin™
  • No Fillers, No Crash

User Reviews

TASTE 6/10 At first the powder smelt reminded me of one of those individually wrapped green apple lollies dairy owners sell in 50c lolly bags, after adding the powder to water the smell remanded was getting excited to have a mouthful or amazingness. 1st small sip 10/10, kept drinking 9,8,7,6/10 the more I drank the less it tasted like anything but green apple, eventually turning into something very average. Put I don't drink a pre workout for the taste and it did not leave a bad after taste either. CONSISTENCY 10/10 The powder evaporated into my little Xplosiv shaker cup. shook for like 5 seconds and nothing was left, only a tiny bit of froth immediately after shaking which dispersed quickly. Post drinking there was no residue of powder left. FORMULA 9/10 ANS has done well with there research behind this product. They have used a list of ingredients that have been studied and proven to work and at great dosages too! OVERALL 8.75/10 Personally I think a heaped or 1.5 scoop would get me giving this a 10/10. I didn't feel as if it was a huge hit it the stim feild. I had pretty good focus and a good buzz of energy, but did not feel it was hard hitting as a single scoop of MR hyde. The pump and vascularity however was some of the best ive ever had from a pre. One thing I felt from this which I haven't felt from any other pre workout was a long stim effect, a good 3 hours after my workout my energy levels and levels of focus and awareness were still elivated. For a single serv, this product is among my top two. Previous PWO ive had to have at least 1.5-2 scoops to receive the same pump and energy results i got from this.
10 this stuff. New #1 preworkout by far. Helps power me through my workouts with endless energy and crazy endurance. Great flavor too - best green apple I've tried.
This was one of the first pre-works and the one i always resort back to while testing others, the energy and motivation it gives you is incredible, you can really push those old limits. By far the best i've come across.
I liked the taste but was far too strong for me. Gave me extreme shortness of breath for at least 3-4 hours after taking it which I hated. Did give a good boost for the workout though. Obviously would be great for bigger than 58kg females or males.
ive had a sample of this and would highly recpmend it. the taste 10 out of 10 I thought it would be sweet and have a yucky after taste but was shocked when tasted it. my training partner was shocked on my focus and the amount of energy I had during and after training. I done a personal best too no crash good. get this if you want to maxx your results
I received a sample of this in a tiny little sachet Taste – 9/10 Consistency – 10/10 not grainy and gluggy like some others Formula – 9/10 quick acting and long lasting Overall score – 9/10 I had the sweats to the baddest with this must have lost a few kgs of water but overall one of the best tasting and strong pre workouts ive tried. The no crash is also great. Would recommend
I received a sample of this from Xplosive and was really impressed with this product. Taste - 9/10 At first I thought it tasted a bit too sweet but I diluted it down and it was much better. Consistency - 10/10 Easy to mix. Formula - 10/10 Good steady energy. Overall score - 10/10 I liked this more than C4. I didn't get any itchy tingles, shakes, or crash and I've never sweated so much with any other product I've tried.
Ive used itfor 2 weeks now, it lacks abit of pump but gives a long laating focus, green aplles not too bad tasting. Getz a bit frothy when mixing. One of the better pre workouts iv had that doesnt give me headaches or crashes.