Zealea 100% Whey Protein review by hitro

September 30, 2015
Bought some Zealea whey purley for the Caramel offerings as there arent many caramel proteins out there and its my favourite all time flavour so just had to go for it. Straight off the bat, the flavour is WEAK and a wee bit disappointing but with 3 scoops and 200ml of water its not too bad. Even better with a scoop of glycofuse in it which is how I have it after training each morning. It's not overly sweet either which is what caramel is pretty much all about, not a bad thing though as protein shakes that are too sweet tend to get a bit sickly and you can go off them pretty quickly. Profile is good with 24 grams protein per serve and less than 2grams each of fats and carbs. Texture is fine but just dam thin. Hardly needs to be shaken to mix up. Pretty much instantized. Value - superthriftmegavalue here at 2kg for $79 it's one of the best value offerings out there. Not so cheap if triple scooping it (NB standard serve is 2 scoop) but you can do that at this price. Overall pretty good just wish someone could really nail the caramel flavour.