Victory Labs Native Greens – Superfood Formula review by MichaelLie

March 15, 2016
Had this while I was developing the symptoms of a cold/fever/whatever and honestly the severity of the symptoms subsided within a day. I usually don\'t get sick very often but when I do, it hits pretty hard, especially with the changing of seasons. Not saying this was a magic product, but I think it definitely helped with my immune system being in tip top shape to help combat it. In terms of taste, it\'s by far the best tasting green products I\'ve had (and I\'ve had my fair share of them), it\'s one of the only ones that isn\'t gag-inducing! That being said, the sheer amount of ingredients, and their nature still make it so I can\'t truly \"enjoy\" it but relative to everything else, Native Greens is a taste explosion. If you\'re looking for a greens/overall health product, this is a total winner, would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs extra immune support, micronutrients, and even long lasting natural energy, this stuff is the goods. Full review also linked :)