USP Labs Jack3d Micro review by cz0

October 3, 2012
I've been using this for about 4 weeks. Initially I wasn't impressed with the ingredients - seemed a bit light and I'm a fan of beta alanine and bcaas in my PWO. This just seemed like some glorified caffeine tbh. But it was getting good reviews and I have a bit of faith in USP labs so took the dive. Thanks Varis for hooking me up early with this shit. Happy to report I was pleasantly surprised with the results. Of note: I take my pwos double dose (2 scoops) and some of my workouts are fasted which can add to the affect. But this is the same for any other pwo for me so easy to compare. Taste: not important, but 10 / 10. Honestly the nicest pwo I've had. Not aftertaste, just like fruit punch raro or something. Effect: about 10 mins after taking it (2 scoops) get this mean kind of focus / rush that I've not had from standard caffeine supps before. Workout itself was pretty much what Id expected, not exactly insane energy but real smooth energy.. kind of like C4 but not as harsh - if that makes sense.. lower caffeine amount. The telltale signs of a good pwo is something like the 531 program where you are gunning for a new PR every workout on the last set - I can confirm that I am hitting PB's with Jack3d micro. Don't get me wrong, I put in too much hard work into my lifting to credit a supplement for the results, but incase anyone is asking, the numbers are there to back up my opinion. I've found that it beats c4 for me which is saying something. The pump is was STUPID. BRB biceps swole like a hell and I've only done incline db press and close grip bench. I also did the exact same arms chest workout last week on c4, and while it was really good, wasn't as mean as when on JM. So for a non- stim junkie this will be the bomb but for me it's just what Im after, more of a subdued amp up. I am just starting 531 again which means each workout will be finished with a free set at a high weight of as many reps as possible. This will be the best sign of its effect. Crash: Nil. Overall: 9/10. It'd be 10/10 if it contained bcaas / beta alanine which I'm taking on top of this. Honestly I can compare this to all other pwos and asides from a 'good day' dose of craze there isn't anything that comes close for me. As I maintain for all of my reviews: everyone is different, may not get anyone elses jimmies excited as it did mine, but I'm mos def happy with it. I've got another tub ready to go after I finish my first one; and can see myself returning to it in the future.