Muscletech Cell-Tech review by liam47

November 16, 2013
thought i'd throw up a quick review here as cell tech performance series is a such a widely recognised creatine supp.. Taste: 8/10; grape flavour tastes good, real easy to get down after a workout. Consistency: 9/10; mixes real easy, few bubbles at top if get carried away though haha Formula: 8/10; sugar turns alot of people away from this product but for those not worried about gaining weight or on a bulk works great! Overall: 8/10; i began using cell tech already pre loaded on straight creatine mono so was unsure whether the effects of the cell tech would be significant. however by the end of the first week i gained around a kilo and felt 'fuller' - if getting cut up is your aim this is not for you. Also was surprised to see some fairly significant strength increases. However, the most impressive thing for me was the rapid recovery times! highly recommend for all people looking to bulk or gain strength! i will buy again when can afford.