ANS Performance Ritual review by Greg0nz

October 2, 2013
TASTE- 9/10 Candy Green Apple flavour - It hits you like those candy apple lollies before progressing to a more chemical taste (for that I give it a 9 not 10), but FOCUS! - I liked it. Never lasts long anyway before it's down the hatch! Mixability - 10/10 Mixed with a shaker and all good, no gritty residue PERFORMANCE- 10/10 With a lot of pre-workouts on the market all preaching the hype about being the best, this is actually pretty good. I got the Beta-Alanine tingles, and that in combination with the other ingredients made for a good powerful workout (only had a sample). I used it on a short and sweet chest '2' day and I got a wicked pump but didn't realise how sore I actually was until two days later.... tight! What, leg DOM's on a chest day? Placebo? Nah. You know when you don't take a Beta-Alanine based pre-workout, sore!