Scitec Protein Coffee review by sportyspice

March 18, 2015
omg!!!all i can say is this is the best product i ve ever tried, i couldn't wait to try this and all i can say its amazing,(PROVIDING IF U HAVE IT HOT U NEED TO GET THE MIX RIGHT) (IGNORE THE INSTRUCTIONS OF MICROWAVING THE WATER) or it will curdle Firstly add 100mls of cold water to the powder mix in until its all mixed smoothly Then add 200mls of boiling hot water from the kettle and mix in Tastes amazing!i actually found my normal coffee boring this morning. It also mixes great as a frappaacino blended in the blender if you allow yourself a little more fat in the diet you can top it with a Little coconut cream or cream Great priced considering you pay 4.50 onwards for a coffee here you are getting 27grms of whey protein and 100mg of caffeine, a great start to the day or even early am pre workout bargain at 69.00 Havent been let down by any sci tech flavors or products yet, highly recommend this