SAN 100% Titanium Whey review by Incanzio

February 10, 2016
The effectiveness of the product is not discernible from a single sample, however if I were to compare the product to other products in terms of the formula, I would have to say that this product would be very effective, and in fact, may be the next buy on my list! Lets get to the Flavour. The flavour of the Graham Cracker SAN Pure Titanium Whey is amazing. It's a chocolate-malt combination, it isn't sickly, nor is it savoury, it's a delicious mix. Imagine having some Graham Crackers blended with your milk, add a bit of chocolate malt powder, and you've got yourself a thick, delicious, creamy shake. So good. The aroma is phenomenal as well, you really look forward to drinking it. The formula seems easy to digest, and right after my workout I felt like my body had been injected with a layer of comfort on my sore muscles. Three hours in, I still feel full from the shake despite it only having 110 calories, virtually no carbs or fat! Overall, this product is very exciting, and very delicious, and I would certainly recommend anyone wanting to find an amazing, CHEAP whey protein, that this be the product for you.