SAN Green Supreme Fusion review by SuppGuru

May 19, 2015
An amazing balance between healthy greens, super foods and FLAVOUR! Mixes up super easy. I highlight FLAVOUR because there have been a few different greens products I still have the full tubs of because I just couldnt finish them due to their awful taste or texture. Although it doesn't officially have a specific flavour, just "natural flavours", it reminds me of those Spirulina juice bottles which I quite like (but avoid due to all the sugars). With only 37 calories, it surpasses 5 servings of fruit and veges per day but I dont intend to substitute my vege or fruit intake with this. Rather support my immunity and general health that I can easily drink every morning. Ive even added it into my Protein shake and its really tasty :) Gluten free, Vegan-friendly, pre and probiotics, digestive enzymes and all the natural organic ingredients make me feel like Im balancing my intake of stuff I shouldnt be eating while building my defence to colds and flus.