Prosupps Crash review by cz0

September 1, 2014
While Iron dream also featured Phenibut as the main sleeping compound (from what I can tell) the rest of the ingredients were a tad underdosed (e.g. a BCAA matrix which was probably just about 1 grams worth) Crash also uses Phenibut. Straight up the label states the dosages of each ingredient so no proprietay blends, great start. To assist with the sleep formula is valerian root extract and passion flower extract. There is also Ashawgandha root extract which is an adaptogen and Phosphatidylserive to help maintain cortisol control. Note that these are both quite low doses, infact PS being just 4mg where you would be looking to use 100-200mg. Infact I’m a huge fan of this ingredient and take it standalone anyway. Evodamine is also included and can help to assist in fat burning. Effect-wise I don’t have problems getting to sleep regardless of using a supplement or not. I still get woken up by the baby monitor if it makes noise and I still need to get up to pee if I’ve had too much water. I don’t feel myself ‘shutting down’, but then again when taking 30 mins before bed it aligns with when I normally drift off anyway. The flavour I chose was Blue Raspberry. It’s not the greatest flavour but not as strong as Iron Dream so I don’t need as much water, which means less need to go to the bathroom during the night. It's priced a tad cheaper than Iron Dream for 30 serves so that also factors into my overall score.