PNI Thermadex review by Varis

May 18, 2014
Okay, so as I've got quite a high tolerance for all stimulants and thermogenic fat burners I find the effect doesn't last very long usually and then i get a huge crash. However thermadex has been a hidden gem as it seems to not just work very well on it's own with zero come down effect, it's also amazing to stack later in the day with your pre-workout which I will visit later in the review. Thermadex effect (FOR ME) Amazing Energy (zero icky feeling) Amazing Appetite suppression No crash No Upset Stumach Best Stack-able thermogenic I've tried (SEE BELOW) Into more detail I've only just been using 1 capsule, I find stacking it with another product better for the additional effect than using 2.. As two capsules I've NEVER been so stimulated before in my life.. Was a bit over the top so I'm sticking to purely one. (some people find 2 amazing tho) As for stacking it for another product, I find the NUMBER ONE combo for pre-workout is 12 gauge shotgun so far apart from diablo for fat burning effects which was also amazing. So 1 Thermadex 1 scoop 12 gauge shotgun pre-workout or even shotgun later on as thermadex will still be in your system (similar to how detonate worked), 3 people I know including myself has tried this and it's unreal. And that's why thermadex is a 10/10 for me...   At the end of the day I Just purely love this stuff. Full Review: