PNI Thermadex review by cz0

May 30, 2014
I've run this for perhaps 3 weeks now. I've had a really good experience and have updated the 'effect of 7/10' to 'tangible effect of 9/10' I've used 2 caps a day and don't find that I need to take more than one at a time. I've been using one upon waking, one around midday and then in the evening I use a preworkout, so try to space them apart. Thermadex 1 scoop of supersize was a fantastic combo. Was pretty much the closest to craze or dmaa that I've felt in a while, that said, I only did this combo once so would need to try again. Weight-wise.. well, nothing much to report I'm afraid. I have not been on the strictest of diets recently, that is to say a bit more rice with my lunchtime meals and the odd snakky cake here and there at work, but long story short, I really can't comment. While my views on the formula remains, I'm upgrading my review from a 6 to 8 pretty much based on the mood and energy alone.