PNI Testovol 180caps review by Varis

December 22, 2015
After trying Testovol I Felt Libido increase & seemed to drop water weight and dry up.. Not very often you can say a testosterone booster actually works, but PNI have done an amazing job.. I asked them why are they discontinuing paragon considering everybody loves it and it works.. (used about 6 bottles myself) They told me it's because Testovol is better, was a little bit on the fence at first.. But after using it, it reminds me of the old BPI A-HD you can't buy anymore from like 5 years ago.. It has an ingredient in it which is basically one of the strongest anti estrogen's possible without going prescription, (IT ACTUALLY WORKS) can give this a 10/10 with my eyes shut, probably should be a 15/10 tho.. Don't think there's a product in NZ which comes close.