PHD PharmaGain review by SuppGuru

July 7, 2015
When shopping for a decent mass gainer, 3 things are key for me: 1) TEXTURE: Its thin enough that you can drink AS WELL as getting in the foods a few hours later you need AKA creating a calorie surplus greater than you can accomplish via just food. Minimal if any floaties :) 2) TASTE: The taste is decent (you going to be drinking it regularly if its gonna work) 3) FORMULA: the formula suits your bulking goals (likely 30g protein (since carbs are protein sparing), low in fat (high fat kills your appeteite too much and, well, I want mass not fat gains), and moderate to low sugar (dont want diabetes). Taste - 7/10 TASTE: Peronally I like sweet protein powders when dieting, since thats what I crave. However when bulking, I prefer subtle sweetness since you are consuming plenty of foods during a bulk. The chocolate is more like a non-sweetened choc with slight malt taste so easy to gulp down. Consistency - 9/10 Mixed in water, 1 scoop mixed super-thin in only 150ml water! So 2 scoops in 300ml would be EASY to add between meals to get in a nutritious 500 calories! Do that mid morning and mid afternoon and thats practically 1000 additonal quality calories. Formula- 8/10 15LB Bag = 52 Double Scoop Serves Good macros. Each double scoop serve delivers: - 27g protein (from great assorted sources Whey WPC, WPI and Hydro, Egg White, Caseins) - Rich in BCAAs - 3.5g glutamine per 2 scoops - 85.5 carbs (14.5 sugar- nice and low) - 3.5 fat (low enough not to make too thick or kill your appetite for future meal) - MCT oil (contributes to fat which is easier to break down for energy than regular fat). - Digestive Enzymes Lastly Value- Its 15LB (52 serve) so anything around $2.50/ srv = $130 is good