Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass review by maor1k1d

October 12, 2015
I used this in conjunction with a high calorie diet while I was trying to pack on some quality size. Being a hard gainer, even eating a tonne of food didn't do too much for me. So with O.N. Serious Mass I was blown away by the quality of the calories. Most weight gainers i've tried previously have an extremely sugary taste, or have an odd paste taste. O.N. was leaning more towards the paste side, but still I was able to enjoy the flavour. It might just be that I don't like to use too much liquid, i'd rather a smaller, thicker drink, than a smooth, but twice as much gainer. Along with the extra calories I was trying to consume with my high activity job at the time, it just made for easy calories when it wasn't viable to sit down for 30 min and eat a protein/carbs/fats meal. I'd definitely recommend this to anybody trying to put some size on without having to drink pure sugar for 20 minutes.