Musclewerks Dfine8 review by sportyspice

February 26, 2015
Define 8 has some really flavors , i was keen to try it as apparently its one of the most popular fat burners in Aussie, its quite pricey, around 99.00 for a fat burner, this product is targeted at females as it has added antioxidants to its propitiatory blend. Taste wise was excellent energy was good although the b vitamins in the anti stress formula seemed to be very dehydrating no matter how much water i drank. Cla in a fat burner??i d personally rather pay the extra and take the recommended dosage for cla each day instead of a mix in a blend??i mean how much could that really do, it was good to try this and see what all the hype was about but there was also zero appetite suppresent for me in this, I d rather stick with ANS DIABLO PINEAPPLE IS AMAZING!!MOTIVATING HAS AN APPETITE SUPPRESENT AND A DECENT DOSAGE OF INGREDIENTS AND A BONUS WITH THE MOOD ENHANCER