Muscletech Cell-Tech review by

December 14, 2019
Bought 3 of these over the past half a year or so. Got sick and tired of straight up shotting micronized creatine with water, and this provided an excellent solution. The taste is pretty good, don't feel any creatine or bitter aftertastes. Fruit Punch tastes like a Cherry drink. Orange tastes like Fanta without the bubbles. Mixes okay for the most part, though i've had some remains sit in my shaker for like 3 hours and you could see some powder that didn't dissolve start to accumulate at the bottom. Usually it's not much, probably about like 5% of what I mixed in. Once I went through the preload cycle, it has worked quite well for me. After about a week I have significantly less DOMs, feel more full, and recover for my next workout faster. Usually you would think that when someone says this, its either they aren't working out as much or are taking other supps. But for a long while this was the only supplement I took, and was working out with a coach who kept pushing me. Would definitely recommend to give it a try. It might not work for some, but for me it was great