MusclePharm Combat Crunch Bars review by cz0

February 19, 2015
Ingredients: 8/10 Just keeping it simple: 20g protein per bar, 7g fats and 28g carb, 5g or which being sugar and 12g being dietary fibre. Taste 10/10: I normally react pretty badly to artificial sweetners and too much 'dietary fibre' with a foul taste in my mouth .. and the other end aint pleasent either.. However these bode very well with me and could quite happily smash 3 or 4 in a sitting. Infact the 2 that I've had so far were in a single car journey. Holy hell they are delicious and the texture is light and crunchy - just amazing. Not very chewy or artificial like pretty much any other protein bar I've had. Overall: 8/10 Pretty pricey for what you are getting but delicious. Worth a go if you feel like treating yourself. At 210 calories try not to get carried away