USP Labs Jack3d review by Hagz

August 30, 2015
Let me preface this review by saying I'm not a massive stim junky anymore. I absolutely love 1 scoop of Dedicated Unstoppable or Alphamine Advanced but any more than one scoop of either of these has me crashing bad. I did a little research on this new formula ahead of purchasing because I train in the morning and I wanted something that would last all day (if that's even possible). Turns out the new Jack3d is the golden ticket. I bought Raspberry Lemonade for nostalgic reasons as it was my favorite flavour previously and it didn't disappoint. If anything the flavour was better than I remember. So the dose said up to 3 scoops but generally I half everything so I applied the same principles to this 1 1/2 scoops and let's see how back and biceps goes. Firstly it only took about 5-10 mins to start getting some tingles (I love the BA tingles but this was pretty mild and a little disappointing). Those that don't love tingles shouldn't be put off as I could imagine it would wear off completely after a week of use. It takes me 20 mins to walk to the gym... By the time I got there I was ready to tear into it (might I mention this is at 5:30am). Immediately I felt in a better head space than I have on any pre all year including unstoppable or Morph3 (which is too strong for me). So focused that anything seemed achievable and it was. I hit PB's on almost every back exercise and the pumps were extraordinary. By the time I got to biceps they were already so pumped I wanted to stop and take selfies but I couldn't have stopped if I wanted to! My workout went for 50mins and I easily could have gone round again. So next was to wait and see if there was a dreaded crash... It never came!! I read about this PurEnergy giving your hours of energy and its spot on! One of the other things worth mentioning is the incredible mood it put you in all day! I am not one to write a review based on one workout because there are so many variances... Sleep, water, food, stress etc so I gave this a run the very next day for legs and again same result! I bloody love this stuff. I have found my new favorite pre and even if you like it only half as much as me you won't be disappointed. PS: pretty sure 3 scoops would be too much but see how you go!!