Balance 100% Whey Natural review by

September 26, 2020
Guys, please be careful and just think once before you choose Balance Whey Protein it has some issues with packing. It has a plastic or some other stuff pieces which can harm your health. It tastes good however plastic scoop inside has hock in the container to hang on it which shreds the plastic from that scoop some times while removing it also air tight seal on the container. This happened with me 3 times and 3rd was worse i used tea strainer (infuser) to check and i found few black and white pieces which were not dissolving in the drink and they were hard as i check with my nail to feel it and find the reason. Vitaco sent me replacement for this issue and hopefully working on issue however i want to tell people about my experience. This may not happened with everyone but this happened with me 3 times which is not by accident or anything. THIS IS VERY SERIOUS ISSUE. DON'T DRINK PLASTIC