ANS Performance N-PRO review by Varis

August 2, 2015
ANS Performance N-PRO as per Ingredient profile below.. Features the same sort of Protein formulation which saw the original myofusion saw to almost over take Optimum in popularity before the company sank from bad protein sequels, pretty much tastes identical to the Milk Chocolate Myofusion from way back.. And that's smart because it was one of the most popular tastes ever. Not to mention it is produced in the exact same manufacturing plant that the first myofusion was produced. If this means anything I haven't been able to have a chocolate protein since the original myofusion hydro like 3 years ago in my cereal as I'm so fussy.. And I'll use ANS Performance N-PRO Chocolate in my protein it's that good. Hands down the best Milk Chocolate protein on the market at the moment.. And I've tried a lot of products.