ANS Performance N-MASS review by Greg0nz

May 9, 2016
It's not often I give a perfect 10 out of 10. Normally there is something about a product like a simple ingredient they could have left out. ANS Performance got it right with N-Mass. As I have mesomorph and endomorph traits I tend to stay away from mass gainers, often telling clients to make their own. We all know eating is better and certainly making your own mass gainer can be done but should has the time? With N-Mass, the quality of the carbs is brilliant and the fat content is low while still having MCT oils present. Cheaper lower quality mass gainers have heaps of awful "healthy" fats added to bulk up the calories. N-Mass is low in fat so even I can have this baby after training which in a convenience sense is perfect and for my clients wanting to put on size, even better because they don't have to run with another protein after training. As for flavour; ANS Performance set the standard for flavours, tastes like N-Pro. I definitely recommend this mass gainer. Try it.