ANS Performance FORTITUDE review by tigerATG

June 25, 2014
I did a cycle of this hoping it would be the special sauce... sadly it was not to be. As a 41 year old male I made the assumption I would be relatively low-T; but despite that I had no noticeable increase in libido, aggression, 'alpha' feeling, or improvements in sleep or recovery on Fortitude. However I still give it an 8 overall because I honestly am not sure what impact, if any, it had on my strength. It certainly didn't lead to a blitz of new 1RMs... but long heavy workouts may have been a shade easier. At some point I would probably run another cycle to put it to the test (....unintentional dad joke) again. A note on the flavour: the Romans didn't call asafoetida (a main ingredient in "ferutest") 'devil's dung' for nothing... these caps give you pretty foul tasting burps, but you do kinda get used to it.