ANS Performance Diablo PM review by cz0

November 24, 2014
This is the 3rd sleeping support supplement I've given a run in the last year. Recently Arnie's Iron Dream and Crash by ProSupps have hit the market, albeit both reformulated for NZ standards. Important to note here is that Diablo PM is not a 'lights out' formula. The intention here is not to make the user drowsy or fall asleep quicker, more to relax and promote a deeper sleep. Also, I typically don't have a problem with sleeping, I don't often wake up during the night, so reviewing a supplement isn’t the easiest task, given that, well, I’m asleep through its usage! The grape is quite sweet, a bit of a bubblegum type flavour. Just remember to use BEFORE brushing your teeth. No problems with mixing or consistency.In regards to formula I think we have here a fantastic mix of stress relief and the best part of Diablo AM.The body does most of it’s repair and maintenance at night so it makes sense that it has the fuel to assist. No problems sleeping, but the mornings is where it has really shined. No issue waking up on the alarm (I only sleep around 6 hours a night) and don’t feel drowsy. The first thing that does strike me is the price. Against Iron Dream and Crash this is significantly more expensive. You will find the others for under $55 where this is just under $90. However ANS Performance is a brand that I trust and believe the ingredients and research to be top knotch. So is it worth the extra coin? Only you can answer that. Personally this is my pick of the bunch, especially being on a perma-cut. On paper this is a clear winner and in the 3 days of use I’ve been impressed. Again, it’s the mornings which have been the most impacted. I don’t feel the need to snooze as much and I generally feel brighter.