ANS Performance Diablo PM review by Annie G

November 25, 2014
First of all, TASTES YUM! Tastes like Grape Hubba Bubba! ANS always get their flavours right! It's almost a treat to take this before bed! Definitely not a knock out sleep product, and it's not supposed to be. I started questioning its effectiveness until I read that it's more a relaxer and deep sleep helper as opposed to "ok in twenty minutes I'll be able to sleep no matter what stresses are running through my mind....". I've been taking it for about a week and it's too early to notice fat burning effectiveness but the sleep benefits alone are great. Never been a good sleeper and this one helps me feel rested even after only a short time like 5 or 6 hours. Also gives you really weird and vivid dreams! I'm pairing this with the Diablo daytime formula and loving it. Thanks again to Xplosiv Supplements for fast free shipping and courteous friendly service!