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Site Guidelines

Supplement Reviews General Guidelines/Rules
  • No linking or discussion "within reason as it can be situational" about other supplement affiliated websites except XplosivSupplementswithout approval from administration, as they're a major sponsor so it's only fair.
  • Show respect to all members- Racist, sexist, bigoted slurs, overly offensive or aggressive comments or derogatory comments are not allowed through pictures, posts, or PM’s. Do not send users sexually explicit PM’s or request pics that are sexually explicit through PM. If you come here with the intent of starting fights on these boards, you will be removed.
  • Do not abuse the reputation system.
  • Keep forum usernames appropriate.
  • No porn- Do not post pornographic, or disgusting images, video, links to sites.
  • No Spam and advertising on the forums through either posting or PM.
  • There is no discussion of any form of pro hormones or steroids on this forum.
  • Multiple accounts are not permitted- Each person is allowed 1 active account.