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#71514 Congrats Eatmorepies AKA (JON)

Posted by Varis on 31 January 2015 - 12:04 AM

Congrats on winning the 51 day challenge transformation contest bro!


Mean supplement stack coming your way....



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#68934 That feel...

Posted by hardster on 11 December 2014 - 10:26 PM

That newborn feel. Need to decide on a stim package to get me through the next few weeks.
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#61169 Amy's Deep Log

Posted by CutieFly on 19 August 2014 - 02:17 AM

Wow so havent trained since that last friday post above - 10 days ago! My Raro holiday was pretty shit and after the dog vs scooter crash Ive been quite sore- grazed & bruised hands, a good 30cm gravel rash up 1 leg, big bump & small crater of skin missing from my knee, grated toes with 1 nail ripped off, and a very sore shoulder :( Amping to get into it so was up at 6am (early for me) and off to the gym today.


Tuesday- Squat/Legs Day

Stim: 1.5 scoop Prodigy XT


Warmup: 15 min crosstrainer


Squats: Bar x 10 & 40kg x 10,

             5 x 5 @ 60kg


Calf Raises: 3 sets 21 in 3 diff positions (toes pointing straight, inwards, outwards)


Leg press: 5 sets 10 @ 100kg


Leg extensions: Drop set 1: 10 reps ea 32kg, 25, 18, 11, 7kg with 20 sec hold (found this too easy)

                          Drop set 2: 20 reps 32->11 but then did 40 reps so put it back to 25kg til fail

                          Drop set 3: 45kg, 39kg, 32kg->7 failing each time (coz I just wanted to punish myself- I blame the XT)


Seated leg curl: 3 sets 12 (light coz roller hurt my knee)


Bridges: 3 sets 25 with 30 sec prone holds in between (3 times)


Such a sweeet session & been feeling amazing since then tho I was finding it hard to make my legs work when walking to my car  :lol:



Now a member of Annie Gs gym selfie crew


 3dvheod5.0zf.jpg5nonpzp0.mqe.jpg   b21wkgh5.5uq.jpg

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#69028 Veno's 2015 Log of Muffin Gainz

Posted by Venomoose on 13 December 2014 - 04:19 AM

Quick update. Will most likely go in depth later over the whole thing.


Was 0.1kg too heavy putting me just into the heavy flight with all the beast lifters that are like 100-140kg, pretty gutted and lulzy at the same time. Bench went kinda horrible on first attempt, rack height put me off and missed the calls. 2nd and 3rd went good, I think 140 and 142.5 would've gone up considering 137.5 speed. But not too gutted.


Deads went pretty decent. 220 was decent speed, 230 was slow but smooth, basically equalling my gym PB but at a depleted state and in comp. Went for 240 and hitched half way up and it slightly dropped so I missed it, but I actually locked it out so I'm not really bothered about that miss.


dat medal tho

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#65243 That feel...

Posted by hitro on 14 October 2014 - 01:46 AM

That feel when wife calls to explain she tried to cut something with your skillsaw and has pretty much cut your work bench in half.......

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#65140 18 days progress

Posted by SuppGuru on 12 October 2014 - 11:23 PM

Here's an example of what is achievable in a little over 2 weeks.


My before photo is a little darker which is more flattering too :)


In my Before photo I am

92kg 18% bodyfat.


Just over 2 weeks later EATING MORE FOOD (just healthier)


88.5kg 13.5% Bodyfat


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#74927 Giant Sports Dexamine Black (Capsule Version) Preview

Posted by hitro on 30 March 2015 - 08:35 AM

Fark you'd be the worst caddy out....


"Oh who's that guy stimming in the bunker?"


"What's your caddy doing with his pant's down under that tree?"



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#74325 Mrs Hitro's Lasagne Review

Posted by vent on 19 March 2015 - 08:33 AM

Keen on sample of Mrs Hitro






































's Lasagne

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#70464 That feel...

Posted by sumnermaxwellb on 11 January 2015 - 04:41 AM

That to busy lately to post feeel :( 


Also that feel when @JordanW is the biggest GC in NZ and sent me these badboys to try out! 



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#63423 Amy's Deep Log

Posted by CutieFly on 15 September 2014 - 04:52 AM





Opening totals were 240kg and final was 300kg- which was my goal and apparently qualifies me for regionals? Pretty stoked either way. Smashed back 2 scoops of XT and a scoop jek and wow my focus was intense- a pic my mum took I looked like I was gonna kill something. Was exhausted by time I got to bed that night but still buzzing and couldn't stop numbers/weights and lifting stuff going around in my head. Crazy time but absolutely loved it  :wub:

Had average 2nd squat @110kg (my previous PB) so decided to only go for new PB 115kg....was solid as, so kinda wish I had gone for my goal of 120kg. 

On bench tried 60kg as 2nd lift- which I wasn't very confident about so failed that and my 3rd of 57.5kg.

Deads just got into the mindframe I was gonna smash them. I did. 100kg was soooo easy, 120 the same and even my prev PB of 135kg wasn't that hard, coulda gone 140 I think! :D Overall was a wicked day 


Double awesome to have gone for a job interview Fri morning and just before comp started I checked my voicemail and they had offered me the job by 3pm that arvo! SOOOO excited, its dream job! Also reassessing my gym routine this week so busy busy all round

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#73984 ANS Performance N-Pro

Posted by vent on 10 March 2015 - 06:33 AM

Hey all yet another review on N-Pro but funny how they are all very similar just shows this product is going to launch to a massive international audience all awaiting it's arrival.







This was straight delicious. I have tried a few chocolate flavours and most are very artificial. My current go to is MP Chocolate however if the price is right on this I will be switching probably. This tastes exactly like a chocolate milkshake from your local dairy made in one of those tall cups. Fantastic flavour.




Absolutely nothing wrong with this. I mixed mine with about 400ml of trim milk and it mixed fine. A little bit of powder left in the bottom of my shaker but I think this was due to the shaker having water in the bottom.






Everything here stacks up like any other ANS product. All the shit you need and nothing you don't! The carbs are a little bit higher than others ON or Prosupps but let's be honest 2 or 3 carbs aren't making any difference to your daily macros. No fillers here and you can guarantee you'll be getting all 26G of that sweet sweet protein and from a multitude of sources.






I can't really comment here and thought it wouldn't be fair for this to affect my overall score. However with ANS you sometimes pay a little bit more but for me it's totally worth it. You know exactly what you're getting and the quality is second to none. This is why they have taken the fitness world by storm in 2013 and 2014.




I can't emphasize enough how good this product is going to be. I personally find it really hard finding proteins that would move me from combat but I think this is the one.


This is obviously very similar to other reviews, however it's well justified. Peace.

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#74172 Road to 2020

Posted by James1980 on 15 March 2015 - 09:10 AM

Hello, this is my log for my preparation of year 2020 competition. Ya, it might sounds funny to prepare for a competition 5 years in advance. I am from Sri Aman, a small town in Malaysia. We do not have shopping malls, no train, no high way and no air port. Sounds like a village huh? ^_^ . Bodybuilding is not popular in my town. We have only 2 small gym. I am training at my home with basic equipment. Barbell, dumbbell, T Bar Rows, Cable crossover machine and pulldown/seated cable row machine.

When i was a kid, i couldnt walk like ordinary kids. I could barely walking continuously for about 10 minutes then i will be suffering severe pain from my right upper back to my right hip and to my right foot. I was told by the doctor that was because of nerve damage. My school was on a hill. Therefore, i had to walk/climb that hill every morning. Perhaps that was the reason i had nerve damage.

Then in year 2010, i had decided to lift weight. My condition improved miraculously. I was able to squat, deadlift and sprint in 6 months. I was rejected by the gym owner at the very beginning because the owner afraid i might passed out in the gym as i was skinny weak (65kg), lol. In year 2013, i weighted about 97kg. I switch to train at my home because i need to take care of my newborn baby( in 2014). I was advised by the doctor that bodybuilding is not for me because i was born with very fragile ligaments and tendons. I couldnt stop lifting because i love this sport very much.

Here are two pictures taken sometimes in 2013 and 2014. Just for viewing pleasure.



sorry for the long introduction ^_^ . Please pardon my English command as i am not from an English speaking country. I will start my training/supplement log today.
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Posted by hitro on 22 February 2015 - 12:51 AM




What happens when delicious meets fun? You get the FUNNBAR - a euphoric concoction that tastes better than candy and provides 15 grams of protein. FUNNBAR is changing the candy industry one chew at time. The fact that FUNNBAR tastes just like candy is an understatement. These delicious, gluten-free and sugar-free chews are available in three flavors: Caramel & Chocolate, Tropical Berry and Orange Cream.


^ Not my words......quote the BPI sausage tree for that but thanks to Xplosiv suppments, hitro got the chance to try these lil fukkas out and two different flavours too 1) Caramel & chocolate and 2) tropical berry.




So there are 10 individually wrapped chews per pack which means you can use these as a quick fix to cure that sweet tooth or craving. Well that's the idea anyway.


Taste - caramel/choc maybe 5/10. Not strong on either choc or caramel this is a mild blend of both and pretty weak.

Taste - berry - 3.5/10. The thing is brown and I'm not sure you would pick the flavour for a tropical berry at all if you didnt know it was supposed to be berry.

Both of them reminded more of those low grade budget lollies that just didnt quite make it. Kinda plasticy in taste. A decent chew though.


Formula - 7/10 each individual chew has 1.5g protein, 2g cabs (1g fibre) and zero sugar or fat. Not bad for candy



Overall - prob 5/10 Not a product I would buy depsite this being targeted at people like me with a sweet tooth. Why not? Well it didnt satisfy or stop any cravings. In fact, I felt like I needed something else to get the funny taste out of my mouth.



Final test - just gave one to each of my oldest kids (6 year old boy and 7 year old girl). Asked them to try tell me the flavour and then what they thought of it.


6yr old boy (had choc/caramel) - said tastes like chocolate. Ate it all. Hard to get a word out of him, as hes watching cricket but said was yum. Might be eating the wrapper now, cant tell.


7yr old girl (had tropical berry) - said looks chocolatey. Smells weird. Taste could be caramel or peanut butter then said "I dont like it daddy" and spat it out. Said its 'yukky'


So there ya go.....





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#72233 The Hamdanz Training log - powered by CreXcel.

Posted by hamdanz on 11 February 2015 - 11:34 PM

Havnt updatd my log in a whale.

Train Shoulder todae. And ofcorse stimmed before my workout with some agmatene. It's a good brand of pre workout. Good brand for stimming. Thought hmmm low on my proteins, might have to order some from xplosive because there deals are good, and fast servise to.

*insert shoulders workout*

Yesterday I recived my accreditadation for the cricket World Cup. Thort sweet. I will be making it when I go to World Cup for three. The danz likes to make it every day, danz style, while stimming to. Today saw a fat ladie on her mobality scotter. Thort that she dosnt know how to make it. Going to have a cheet meal this weekend that I'm planning while working at the cricket. It will consist of too cans of tuna in olive oil, 2 600 ml botles of fanta sugar free, one piece of vogles bread with peenut butter, and one hole horse. The horse woont be making it. Hopefully I will be making it if I see a famous cricketer, and they sign my fannie pack, and then can were it at the gym and people will see, and know that the danz is making it 24-7 or 365 days a year.
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#69152 That feel...

Posted by sumnermaxwellb on 15 December 2014 - 12:08 AM

That Feel when you hit 160kg beltless squats for a triple 9 weeks into a cutt at 75.5kg!


Then the feel when you realise you've fucken scratched up your new car you spent 6months saving for!!!!!!! fuken pisssed. 

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#66096 Welcome To the Forums Gymrat!!

Posted by Rat on 31 October 2014 - 03:54 AM

Thought I join up supplement reviews since I have had enough of being picked at gymnation. Which was starting to drive me nuts and get me grumpy as well. Heard lots of good things about this site where the members on hear on friendly sounds good to me.
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#63256 That feel...

Posted by vent on 12 September 2014 - 11:03 PM



hahah the lies

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#73124 Musclepharm - Combat Crunch Bar - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Posted by Venomoose on 25 February 2015 - 04:46 AM

Taste - 8.5/10
Pretty good, flavoured nicely and doesn't have that artificial sweetener taste lots of bars have. Found it to be more like a crunchy choc bar rather than the cookie dough thing.
Mix - 
Can confirm it doesn't vortex

Formula -

The bars are 210 calories consisting of 7g of Fats, 28g of Carbs and 20g of Protein. Bout standard really, very close to a quest bar. May be better options for those on a low carb diet though.


Overall - 

Nice alternative to the quest bars (slabs rather), box is a bit pricey though. Would maybe buy/10,






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#76230 Giant Sports Dexamine Black - Capsule

Posted by fridgeyeti on 21 April 2015 - 08:12 AM

To tide you over until cz0's review!!


Step 1 for reading this review:

Open this link in a new tab and let it play while you read. 



disclaimer: I accept no responsibility if you read too fast and don't get to enjoy the full song.







Received some of these courtesy of Xplosiv Supplements, while I visited in store. As a ThriftDad™, this is much appreciated and enjoyed. 

I've recorded a mini-mini-log, which lasted about as long as life would let me on a Sunday morning:



6:40 am: it begins with one cap. 

6:55 am: I feel a strange warmth in my stomach. the thermo!

7:10 am: I am really feeling something now. A need to get things done. Multitasking on the computer!

(This is about the point where I start to get a little hungry. Nothing.)

8:20 am: still feel the clean energy and focus!

9:00 am: my girlfriend has gone out to the farmer's market, and I am in the stim zone. Things are getting done around the house!

11:30 am: 1 scoop Prodigy XT (with amp c), and I fly to the gym

The End.


Feels 9.5/10

I never tried Detonate, :(, so I can't compare. 

Compared to what I have tried (Diablo, Final Cutz, Grenade, Alphamine, Thermadex and others not worth mentioning) its the biggest stim I've had. A single cap of Dexamine gave me more alertness than 2 caps of Final Cutz, and didnt give me the horrible feeling in my stomach. 

Appetite suppression was really good, didn't start feeling hungry until much later than usual. 




I used the second cap on Monday at work. Felt like I killed it. Got a lot of work done, and didn't get bored. (Side note for anybody who knows SAP Quality Notifications, you know this feel)


Hard to get a real gauge on long term results with just two caps... I think that's why Varis is kindly sending out free tubs for review. However, judging by the feels delivered by these two, results will be decent. 


Formula - 9/10 (I think)

Most of the ingredients in the formula look pretty innocent, 250mg of caffeine is a good hit for a single cap. Not quite sure about the N-phenylethyldimethylamine HCl. This must be the magic ingredient. 



Overall 9.5/10

Really happy with the sample I tried. Hopefully this sticks around! The stim is strong with this one.  

Thanks again Xplosiv for the sample!

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#73716 James' Road to Recovery ( stim free log)

Posted by James1980 on 05 March 2015 - 11:08 PM

these are my collection of stims. all are sealed and not opened yet. except cannibal ferox, seal was broken when delivered to my house. my angels and demons. i have yet to decide which one shall i open after i finish my stim break (which is highly doubtful.....i dont think i can......)

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