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ANS Performance N-PRO Is the first Protein in New Zealand to give it’s customers peace of mind of submitting a quality assurance third party lab test to prove it provides exactly the protein content it says on the label, in fact ANS Performance N-PRO actually tests 1 gram of protein above label claims.. That’s how amazing quality this product is as you can rest assured when you buy an ANS Performance Product you are getting exactly what you pay for.

The proof is in the strict controls imposed on every batch of N-PRO, see for yourself below with the 3rd party independent lab results:


Protein Test 1



ANS Quality Test

Let’s walk through the results so that those of you unfamiliar with a standard Certificate of Analysis can make sense of it all.  Every batch of N-PRO is tested for its purity, potency as well as organoleptic features (taste, smell, color, texture) against the strict specifications established by a retained ‘gold standard’ sample.

We’ll start with the organoleptic part of it.  In Image 2 you see that the powder color, size (texture), and smell needs to match the standard. The powder is also mixed into water as per the mixing directions on the label to ensure that the taste when mixed is exactly as expected. Given the incredible taste of N-PRO, anything less than a match and the batch would be discarded completely and start from scratch.

Potency is the Protein Assay Test. In the example above of Milk Chocolate Decadence, each serving as listed on the label is 36.6 grams in weight. To meet the label claim of 26g of protein per serving, the Protein % would need to be 71% (the result of dividing 26 by 36.6).  As you can see this batch of Milk Chocolate Decadence NPRO tested out at nearly 74%, which translates to 27.1g of protein per serving.  Enjoy that extra protein!

Lastly every batch is screened for purity, and this is to ensure that there is no microbiological contamination. This is critical, since I think we’ve all experienced what a used shaker bottle can smell like if it’s not washed out right away. Exposure to any significant about of moisture can result in bacterial growth. You can see that N-PRO is screened for against a series of different potentially dangerous contaminants to ensure freshness, purity and a stable shelf life through the expiry.

Overall you can see the extreme care, detail and testing that goes into every batch of not only N-PRO, but every ANS Performance product. We strive to be the brand that is synonymous with quality, elite performance, and efficacious products. So N-JOY the taste, N-HANCE your gains, and rest assured your choice was the right one with N-PRO.

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EHP Labs


Once again another brand has stepped up for reviews, We would like to thank Tiger Nutrition AKA EHP Labs Australia/NZ For providing these tubs for free of charge for our members, We have Three tubs of each OxyShred, Buzz & Oxywhey.. So total 9 Products for review.

If you are interested in writing a review in the detailed review section HERE Which must include at least two pictures and also complete a short review and giving it a score in the brief review section HERE

Please email with the subject (EHP Labs & Your Product Preference 1st to 3rd) and include your supplement reviews username and of course your address.

Requirements for this exercise 

  • You must have at least reviewed 3 products before
  • You Must have 15 posts or more

Please only apply if you plan on reviewing the products and putting in effort as it’s a full tub.

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We’d like to take a moment to appreciate our loyal members & given the massive updates and influx of new members we will be receiving with these new changes planned for the site, we shall not be forgetting our core members who made the site what it is..

So we have carefully selected a bunch of people to beta test a full tub of the new pre-workout PNI Prodigy XT as part of our appreciation for the effort they’ve put into the community.

If the following people could please email me their address I’ll get it sent you.

 CZ, Donz, Hitro, Extensity, Cuttiefly, Hardster, Vennomoose, Eatmorepies, Sumnermaxwell, memske, Jordanw, Hamdanz (still love you)

I have added these people also as I’ve only got twelve units, those people below will get an AX Supersize sent to them

Sixdeep, Joeforkliftnz, kingersman, celphtitled, liquidace, annig, trackers, obsidianwings, kurt051, bolt, pigs8u (If he returns)

If I have missed anybody, please PM me.. My memory is shocking and I’m scrolling through the list of recently online.

Thanks so much guys and look forward to reading some reviews! Cheers Varis.

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Last weekend, the 8th of June to be exact, CAPO NZ held their Auckland Championship 3 lift meet at Coast Barbell Club.

There was a great turn out of registered lifters, novice lifters, and a huge crowd of yellers, back slappers and knee wrap torturers!  The atmosphere at CBC was incredible, with family and friends all coming together for the love of lifting.  We had people travel from all over the place for the meet, there was a great showing from the Waikato too.

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So I was speaking to a Good Friend of mine over the weekend and he had some really positive feedback concerning Flex Freak.

I have had a bad knee now for over 5 years and was considering surgery until I started using Flex Freak.  Ive tried all sorts of joint formulas including ingredients such as Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM and nothing has worked until now.  Within a few days of using Flex Freak, the continuous aching had completely gone and I was able to train legs heavy again which I haven’t done for many years.  I will never go without this product!

Also he mentioned how when he doesn’t use the Flex freak the pain comes back, could this be a hidden gem of a joint care product we haven’t looked into yet?